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Committee appointments for 2000 are in progress. Until they are posted here, we suggest you contact the prior chairmen listed below



1999 Committees

HOUSE COMMITTEE: Chairman David George; Bruce Burdick; Billie Craig; Terry Heigert; Harold Lynn; Howell Barnett; Donald Barnett; Maurice Norton; Robert McPherson; Michael Flatt; David Hayes

Oversee maintenance of the lodge building and purchase, repair, replacement and maintenance of all existing and new furniture and equipment. The members of this committee are elected by ballot at a lodge meeting.

Capital Improvements: Robert McPherson; Don Barnett

Survey lodge and recommend at least one major (>$1000), one moderate (>$500 but under $1000) and one minor(under $500) improvement.

Maintenance: Ben Balicki; Harold Lynn

Supervision of janitor; checking lodge for maintenance needs; scheduling repairs

Utilities: Don Barnett; Ben Balicki

Monitor utilities and advise House Committee of any significant changes in utility expenses.

PILLAR PROGRAM: Chairman Michael Flatt; Don Barnett; David George

Co-ordinate overall membership building effort of the lodge including monitoring existing programs: 5 DINNER MEETINGS COMMITTEE; UNFINISHED WORK COMMITTEE; MEMBERSHIP RETENTION COMMITTEE; DEMOLAY RESTART COMMITTEE and meeting after each second meeting of the month.

Membership Retention: Chairman Billie Craig; Donald Barnett; Charlie Hardway; David Hayes, Michael Flatt

The lodge must establish and maintain a membership retention committee, (not including the lodge Secretary) that makes contact with each member that has not paid his dues. Reports on the activity of this committee are required to receive credit." 1998-9 Grand Master’s Award of Excellence – Primary Requirement

Unfinished Work: Chairman: Don Barnett; Ben Balicki; Roger Raines

The lodge must establish and maintain a committee, (not including the lodge Secretary) that contacts all inactive unfinished candidates -- including all Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts initated or passed within the past five years.

5 Dinner Meetings: Chairman: Bob McPherson; Bill Perry; Maurice Norton; Michael Flatt

The lodge must have at least five dinner meetings consisting of: 1-2 fraternal dinners for Masons only; 1-2 dinners for the ladies and families that include some kind of entertainment or speaker; a Past Master’s night dinner; attendance by the Master and at least four officers at 1-2 of the district dinner meetings; and a dinner for prospective candidates and their families.

1-Past Masters Nite (11/25/98); 2-Installation OPEN (12/6/98)

Degree Conferral at Other Lodges: Chairman Bruce Burdick

The officers and members must confer one of the three degrees in another Masonic lodge. The lodge may bring its own candidate or confer the degree upon a candidate of the lodge visited.

Illinois Masonic Homes: Ben Balicki; Howell Barnett

The lodge must sponsor a visit to the Illinois Masonic Home or the Illinois Masonic Children’s Home. (The Illinois Masonic Home Pilgrimage qualifies as a visit.)

Community Builder Award: Terry Heigert; David Hayes

A lodge must sponsor a dinner for community leaders and their ladies and make presentations of Community Builder Award Certificate(s) for their work in the community.

Cornerstones of Public Buildings: David George

The lodge will secure an official invitation for the Grand Lodge to lay the cornerstone for a new church or other public building

Father and Child: Bill Perry, Jonathan Perry

A lodge must host a special night with a lodge meal and program as a Father-Son and/or Father-Daughter (grandchildren included) Night




Chairman.Terry Heigert; Bruce Burdick; Ben Balicki

Oversee the Masonic Education efforts of the Lodge, including monitoring and assisting in meeting the following award of excellence requirements:

Candidate Education: Ben Balicki

The lodge must successfully implement the Candidate Education Program for newly elected candidates and their families. Each candidate must have a mentor to work with him on the catechism and educational booklets.

Lodge Officer’s Schools of Instruction: David George

The Master and at least four officers must attend two of the three scheduled Lodge Officers Schools of Instruction.

Officers’ Proficiency: Charles Kirby

Five lodge officers (not including the Tyler, Marshal, Organist or Assistant Stewards) must receive a Certificate of Proficiency in their station or place -- and the examination and recommendation for the Certificate must take place before August 31, 1999.

(Plan: Master,Treasurer, Secretary, Jr. Deacon, Sr. Steward, Jr. Steward)

Unfinished Work: .[see UNFINISHED WORK COMMITTEE: Chairman: Don Barnett; Ben Balicki; Roger Raines under PILLAR COMMITTEE]

The lodge must establish and maintain a committee, (not including the lodge Secretary) that contacts all inactive unfinished candidates -- including all Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts initated or passed within the past five years

Educational Programs: David George

The lodge must offer at least four educational programs, each on a different stated or special night. Programs: WILLS – Bruce Burdick, CPR – David George, INVESTMENTS – Don Barnett, RUSTY NAIL – Charles Kirby




CHARITY & MEMBER SERVICES COMMITTEE: Chairman: Howell Barnett; Harold Lynn; Terry Heigert; Charlie Hardway; Maurice Norton

CHARITY: Howell Barnett

Non-Masonic Youth Group: Chairman D. George; Ben Balicki; Don Barnett.

A lodge must financially sponsor a non-Masonic youth group and have at least one member serving as an active advisor. MICHAEL FLATT – Roxana 1st So. Baptist church youth org.

Scholarship Program: Chairman Kevin Yotter; David George; Terry Heigert.

A lodge must implement a scholarship program with a local school and host a lodge dinner for receipents and their families to which the public is invited.

Coins for Children: Chairman Ben Balicki, Don Klotz; Terry Heigert

A lodge must award a matching "Coins for Children" grant, and host a lodge dinner to make the presentation.


Widow’s Communication: Chairman Howell Barnett; Ben Balicki; Don Klotz; Roger Raines

The lodge must begin or continue an active communications program with widows of lodge members and personal contacts when possible.

Grievance: Chairman Don Klotz; Ben Balicki; Donald Barnett; Howell Barnett

This committee, composed of respected past masters, is to assist the Worshipful Master in resolving any disputes between brethren or between the Worshipful Master and any brother.

Relief; Chairman Bruce Burdick; David George; Billie D. Craig

A lodge must extend and act of charity to a needy brother and/or his family.

Last Revised 5/12/99