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District Meeting - 1st So. Dist. Of IL

February 11, 1999 at 7PM

Staunton Masonic Lodge Banquet Room

118 E. Main, Staunton, IL (click on the address for a map)

Call Terry Heigert, Treas. & PWM and 1st So. Dist. Sec./Treas. for Information

618-254-1271 or email him at

Notes from last District Meeting

Wood River took the attendance banner with 11 members present of the 15 in attendance.

Wood River members were elected to all offices of the District for the next year:

President: Bruce E. Burdick, Wood River 1062 (WM)

Vice President: Donald Barnett, Wood River 1062 (JD)

Secretary: Terry Heigert, Wood River 1062 (TR)

Treasurer: Terry Heigert, Wood River 1062 (TR)

The Wood River Lodge will host a new 1st So. Dist. Website:

This is an activity our Pillar Committee and part of our effort at the Grand Masters Award of Excellence

The Pillar Committee is our Membership Retention, Activation and Development Committee. It has three main objectives:

 Attract new Masons..

 Retain existing members by making Lodge more meaningful

 .Activate inactive members by finding interests at Lodge.

This Committee is our Pillar of Strength in our lodge's great and glorious undertaking called Masonry.

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